Monday, August 24, 2009

Judy Black {colorific}

Gorgeous pillow color waves and designs from Textile Designer Jennifer Neill of Judy Black. here is a little bit of info about Jennifer that I grabbed from her website. You may find that I will begin posting the bios of designers and crafters here more as I am always inspired by their summarized journey towards a creative careers!

About Jennifer: "Jennifer Neill is solely involved and responsible for all aspects of the design process, from the original print idea to the final garment. Jen loves the purity and romantic nature of the handcrafted process and feels tied to the tradition of textile design. Her work spans from tight five-colour, registered by eye, t-shirt graphics to loose free-style intuitive printing. The following is a general overview of the creative progression of each piece.

A collection of final images are selected from Jen’s hundreds of doodles and sketches which are then refined or left in their raw state. Silk screens are then constructed and exposed using photosensitive emulsion and ultraviolet lighting. Each screen is then brought to life through extreme experimentation with colour variations and placement options creating moods, effects and styles. Ideas born through the above experimentation process are then printed on pre-made garments or cut directly from the randomly printed cloth. Simultaneously, designs for clothing and accessories have been brainstormed and drafted. Once final colour ways, prints and pattern pieces have been determined, Jennifer then sews each piece of her one-of-a-kind creations creating an intimacy that does not go unnoticed."

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