Saturday, April 18, 2009

Baby Blanket Sneak Peek: Berry Ava Fabric

So, last night I decided to muster up the courage to go ahead and print one of the fabrics that I will use in the baby blanket for our little girl who is due next month. I really have been putting it off, as I did not want to TOTALLY screw it up as I did not have money in the budget to buy more fabric. Nevertheless, I VERY much consider this a practice run as I am still using the hoop screens and modge podge(which explains the random smudges and pinholes...LOL). I think with my next print I will go ahead and use a true screen, but for this project, I will continue with this print.

I do have one question...How do I prevent my screen from picking up ink if it is laying on top of the print next to it..should I print every other row and let dry and then print in between or do I just wipe after each print..any suggestions?

As I was reading the lovely and might I say very resourceful blog Celestina Carmen, which is a blog about screenprinting, sewing, & crafting; I learned that I should really raise my screen just a bit from direct contact to the fabric to help prevent smudging so I will definitely be experimenting with that soon. Also, I failed to use a fixative in my ink, so I have to be sure to order some to help my color set better. Nevertheless I am pleased with the design and can really see this motif in lots of different things. I call it Berry Ava because our little girls middle name will be Ava!

So, I just wanted to quickly share my progress. I must say that screenprinting while pregnant can be a bit of a challenge!: I will be back some time next week and will post pics of the completed blanket. It really won't be to complicated...quite simple really. Ok, thanks for listening and I will be back soon! Happy creating!


  1. When you are doing a repeat pattern, print every other row,and then ever other in that row. So none are next to each other. Let dry and then do the rest. Printing by hand (Lena Corwin) has a really good tutorial on printing repeat patterns.

    Thanks for the link.
    I really like your design. Looks really good!

    I've been wanting to try the hoop method. It's great for smaller images. I only have big screens. What's the material you used for the screen? Is that organza?

  2. wow, this turned out fantastic! the pattern and the colors are spot on. i would totally use this as curtains in my home. can't wait to see what you do with it.