Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fabric Ink & Color Theory {new goodies}

Don't you just love getting art & craft supplies in the mail! I finally received a few goodies in the mail today! I recently ordered some basic screen printing/fabric ink, some speed clean, and a wonderful color theory book called the "Color Mixing Bible".

I LOVE this book as it has so many examples of the various techniques and ways that one can mix colors depending on consistency and shade! I bought this book first to add to my collection, because in my opinion, knowing how different colors work together as either the top or bottom layer is extremely important when hand printing. Many times I would find myself confused on which order I would apply my ink/paint and then i would end up with a disaster and a waste of product.

So I really think that this book will be a good aid for when i need a bit of color mixing inspiration. It includes color mixing for: watercolor, acrylics, oil, gouache, colored pencils, ink, and pastels. I bought mine "like new" for only $8 bucks via amazon & it is in perfect condition (I heart amazon)!

I decided to go with Versatex for my ink as I remember it worked quite well in my past printing sessions, so we will see if I still feel the same way after a few practice rounds. If so, I will order a few more colors!

I plan on making my mom a yard of fabric for her birthday and to print my own fabric to make a baby quilt for our little girl that is due in May...the colors for that will be pink & brown. Wish me luck! If they come out properly I will most definitely post them here.

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  1. I love working with Versatex. I use Fixer too. It's an addictive, keeps ink from fading.

    What an awesome book! I want one!