Friday, April 3, 2009

Maiwa Natural Dyes

Psst...Maiwa is hosting a fabulous textile symposium in October, so if you are in the area I would definitely recommend looking more into this, as I know I would love to attend many of their workshops!

I just came across Maiwa, a supplier of natural fabric dyes and textile printing supplies! I heart this site and look forward to trying out their line of natural materials to experiment with. They carry natural materials such as: Black Oak, Henna, Indigo, Marigold, Pomegranate, Safflower, and more; and their prices for the smaller jars start at just $3.95! They also have some great instructions and tips on various textile printing that are free to download as well as a glossary that defines the colors that each of their natural dyes are used for as well as the colors that result from them. So, if you are lucky enough to find yourself in the Vancouver, BC area, then you should most definitely check out their shop Maiwa Handprints!

They have also produced several documentaries. Two of them I would love to own to add to my own textile collection, the first being "In Search of Lost Colour: The Story of Natural Dyes".

The other film that I would like to own from them is called "Through The Eye of a Needle: Stories from an Indian Desert" (the textiles in the preview below alone are captivating..simply gorgeous!).

The price of these two are about $42 bucks for private use, but I think if you are a serious textile guru or one that just simply loves the art of textiles, then it would be well worth the investment!

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